Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Spreco @ Tribal Route

Tribal Route brings to you, 'Spreco' a fun collection of Recycled Home Decor and Womens accessories.

(sprecò : In Italian means 'Waste')

When we split the word into Two parts, 'Spr' may be interpreted for 'Spray' and 'Eco' for being Eco Friendly. So together though Spreco means waste, our collection is all about Reusing old products to turn them into new.

For us Eco friendly doesn't necessarily mean bio degradable or natural products, but the 'R' theory!

ReUse ReBuild RePair ReScue ReUse ReThink ReCharge ReNew ReVive ReClaim ReForm ReCreate ReCover ReVamp ReCycle REBORN!

Trunks, Metallic suitcase, boxes, Incense boxes, Incense stand, Bottles, Milk jar, frames,Picture frames, Old Bollywood posters, Hand Bags, Cushion covers, Lamp shades, jewelry, candle stands & diyas!!

All one of a kind and definite collectibles!!!!

Our inspiration is India, the culture, colors and people.

Tribal Route - A Handcrafted Store-Y

Cottage Number 18,22 & 29 Aram Nagar 2, J.P. Road, Versova, Andheri (W) Bombay India

9967058847 / 48

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