Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Spreco @ Tribal Route

Tribal Route brings to you, 'Spreco' a fun collection of Recycled Home Decor and Womens accessories.

(sprecò : In Italian means 'Waste')

When we split the word into Two parts, 'Spr' may be interpreted for 'Spray' and 'Eco' for being Eco Friendly. So together though Spreco means waste, our collection is all about Reusing old products to turn them into new.

For us Eco friendly doesn't necessarily mean bio degradable or natural products, but the 'R' theory!

ReUse ReBuild RePair ReScue ReUse ReThink ReCharge ReNew ReVive ReClaim ReForm ReCreate ReCover ReVamp ReCycle REBORN!

Trunks, Metallic suitcase, boxes, Incense boxes, Incense stand, Bottles, Milk jar, frames,Picture frames, Old Bollywood posters, Hand Bags, Cushion covers, Lamp shades, jewelry, candle stands & diyas!!

All one of a kind and definite collectibles!!!!

Our inspiration is India, the culture, colors and people.

Tribal Route - A Handcrafted Store-Y

Cottage Number 18,22 & 29 Aram Nagar 2, J.P. Road, Versova, Andheri (W) Bombay India

9967058847 / 48

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Aaradhna Uppal's -The Route, the 'TRIBAL ROUTE'

Yes to EVERY destination, there is a route and each one takes his own. Now this statement has NOTHING to do with what I intend to write about.

When I heard the name, I saw spears n old weapons. I saw metallic gears. I saw Earthen stuff. Saw it all in my imagination. All because it is called 'Tribal Route'. To me, THAT is what my imagination showed. Correct with the mind scenes or not, i surely was intrigued when I came across the name. It was on Face book itself!!

I browsed, n saw some quaint artifacts. A stickler for oil burners, scented candles and incense sticks myself, I LIKED what the site showed. And, YES, I intended visiting the store too. Aram Nagar, where i often went for auditions.

As luck would have it, before I went to the cottage, I met the Partner of Tribal route!! Where? At my OWN house! And she got me, what my heart desires a LOT! Scented candles. It was for me to go see the place for my self!!

Ah!! The first rain of the season was falling as I entered the 1st cottage. I was just transformed to a village in the north. The pictures on the net, did not do justice to what i saw, or should I say, what I EXPERIENCED! Lovely colors all around, that lifted my spirits higher. Earthen pots, kadhais, kamarbandh, anklets, jhumkas, neck pieces, Chappals(WHAT CHAPPALS), oil burners, incense holders, aroma oils(they had my fav. ylang-ylang too), gullaks and sooooooooo much more. One of the most interesting things was these glass bottles that just made me wanna take up witchery, such was the effect.

AND, this was just the FIRST cottage. There were two MORE. Where I'd see tiny khatias, quilts, cushions of all shapes n sizes and much much much more. The BEST thing was a fridge from the yesteryears made of papier mache. Oh there was a LOT to see AND MORE. More than anything, everything just made me feel good. Did I buy anything!?! That is not the question! Boy did i WANT to buy EVERYTHING!!

The name 'TRIBAL ROUTE' had made me want to write, SEEING the place, compelled me to do it....

A MUST VISIT- The place has something, sometimes even WE put in the back seat, A SOUL.....

Aaradhna Uppal

Sunday, May 24, 2009

"Ringa Ringa Roses" @ Tribal Route

Rings in Silver, Semi Precious, Beads etc...

Tribal Route

Cottage Number 18,22 & 29 Aram Nagar 2,
J.P. Road, (Versova Beach Road) Versova, Andheri (West)
Mumbai, India, 400 061

99670 58847/48

"Haatkay" @ Tribal Route

Rare collectibles!