Monday, January 5, 2009

Cottage 29 : Furniture, Art, Décor

Cottage 29 : Furniture, Art, Décor

Two Floors, a sweeping staircase, a gate which is mesmerizing,an old world charm, located in midst of all the hubbub
of yari road and machlimar,yet it has found a space where cars can't go past,this allows the sound of birds to come through, the whistle of wind to be heard,so serene that time stands still,on most days you can hear the leaves rustling, the dogs barking and the birds whistling,honestly we have a bird which whistles all the time.
Some Say it is Kerala, Few call it Goa, I would say it is Tribal Route - A cottage which is unique ,different,Indian and so so special.

Most get lost at the door,gazing at the colors with child like delight.
Many of our customers want the door and the staircase, double of those want frogs from our private collections,( yup this is the place they are hidden )... triple of those want all the furniture :)...lest we forget why we are here in the first place.
The Art & the Artifacts here can cause quite a flutter in your heart,they make you look at them again again.

Though the art is another story...just like everything at Tribal Route is a story......I wonder how many of us are ready to buy Art and put it up...on our walls...without millions of thoughts about the decision.I always bought what I loved and it always fitted in with my home.
How friendly are we towards buying art for the sake of art and not as investment.
I see our customers falling in love with the art,but I wonder if Bombay life makes them look at so many other priorities.
We sell a lot of art but mostly to foreigners, ex pats,waiting for the Bombay Junta to wake up.In fact I have been contemplating this for sometime now, most go gaga, I must have this, or this will look so beautiful on my wall, oh it is just RS 5000/- oh it is just RS10000/- oh my it is wow...but then???they just sigh and move on....whatever that means.

I would love to hear from all of you...your take if you haven't been to cottage no.29 drop by and let me know,and if you have been here,then also do post your comments.All I say I love the art and I am glad to be surrounded by it :) and some day I want to have a wall full of art...completely crazy wall so full of color and forms, that everyone gasps for a breathe,now my secret is out hope the universe and all of you conspire to make it happen for me, by of course getting me the WALL :)


  1. Hey! Its a fantastic collection you've managed to put together. am certainly gonna drop in next Im in Hyderabad. Cheers!

  2. Thanks awaiting your visit to the store in Muumbai

  3. The art décor for cottage furniture is shown on the post here. Know all about it